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The Hunter and The Hippie Podcast

Join Co-Hosts Alan Titone and Breana Allison in their long form podcast The Hunter and The Hippie.  Where they discuss all aspects of life through their point of view and life experiences.  And remember, just because you are one thing, doesn't make you something else.


How We Began

Breana Allison and I released the first episode of The Hunter and The Hippie on Jan 3rd, 2021. It started after Bre and I talked on the phone for about two hours in Oct of 2020. I told Bre, “I wish that conversation was recorded. We should do a podcast.” Her response, “Yes! We can call it The Hunter and The Hippie.” And so the journey began.

We wanted to create a long form podcast to discuss all of the happenings in life from OUR experience and perspective. You might even ask, “Hunter? Hippie? Aren’t they different?!” Even after all this time, I don’t know the answer to that. What I do know is because you are labeled one thing (Hunter) doesn’t mean you are OR aren’t another (Hippie)

Support our Podcast

All episodes of The Hunter and The Hippie are available on the majority of podcast platforms. Audio and Video is on Spotify and YouTube. Audio is available on Apple Podcasts and many others.

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